Good Times

My son Adarsh is 8 months old and I just love this phase of his life where he finds everything funny, exciting or joyful (provided his tummy is full and he has had a nice sleep). He usually gets up before me in the mornings, so I am greeted by a chubby drooling face with a 90mm toothless grin every morning. (well almost every morning) Believe me, its a great way to start any day. He loves to play with switches and likes to turn the fan regulator. He also tries to harass his sister every morning if he gets a chance.

Now that he is crawling, we have to really keep an eye on him. He puts just about anything into his mouth that he can get his hands on....including the occasional insect. He is also a total "mamma's boy" and I melt every time I see the adoration in his eyes for me.

Adarsh is a total contrast to my daughter Tanu when she was his age. First of all she never put anything into her mouth except her bottle and a spoon if it had food. Even while she was teething, she was quite neat. She also didn't giggle as much as he does and we had to do a lot of entertaining to get a smile out of her. (She eventually grew out of this and now her non stop laughter can be heard from near and far:P) And Tanu was totally daddy's little girl. I used to feel jealous when my husband entered the room, coz her face would just light up and she was oozing love and I would see the look on my husband's face and wonder why I didn't have that. But now I do and I love every minute of it.

Thank you God for blessing me with such precious kids.


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