I've realised that recently I have become addicted to shopping. This was not something I used to always do. In fact, I used to hate shopping. I was the type who would just go into the shop, pick my stuff and leave...a process that took a few minutes. I didn't like going with friends who would spend hours and hours browsing and trying on stuff etc.

But lately I've found my self enjoying the process, especially window shopping. I find it very relaxing and I don't know why. What I do know is that most of the time when I go window shopping, i end up buying and most of the time its something I really don't need. Also, I would rather shop for stuff for my kids than for myself. Normally I would buy an outfit or some toy which I know is not really necessary and when I reach home I feel kinda guilty. But at the shop I feel that if I don't buy something, I'll be incomplete. I wonder if they have a rehab for this addiction :P


Laxmi Gopa said...

Why do you think this is called "retail therapy"...ofcourse you can always keep the tabs on the clothes and return them in a week's time and shop money lost

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